Saturday, December 04, 2004

Deadpan Conversations With Shop Sales Staff, Vol. 1

Fopp, this afternoon, buying a record as a present, like the gent I am:

Shop Guy: Hey, is that a David Shrigley card holder?
Me: Yes.
SG: Where did you get it?
Me: I found it on the floor.
SG: Really?
Me: Yes. And if I find any more on the floor, I'll be giving them as
Christmas presents.
SG: Wow.
Me: So keep your eyes peeled on the floor.
SG: Here's your receipt.

Watch out for more Deadpan Conversations With Shop Sales Staff,
exclusively here.

Also, saw Napoleon Dynamite today. Herds of nerds were there, but
unfortunately this lags behind cinematic geek greats like Ghost World
and American Splendor. It does feature a great disco dancing scene,


  1. Come on Mr Bill's Tash - I've seen this post for the last fortnight now! You've got to keep your fans happy!

  2. Ah, I suspect you're still looking at which looks old, ugly and crude in comparison with the new, improved, and largely unheralded version of the site, which is at least 70% more autumnal.

    Never fear; it's not like i've been working at work.

    Also, you might well not get to see this, as bill's site exists in a kind of dead blog limbo, along with my first chosen alias which was just too long to type in.