Monday, December 06, 2004

The Holy Bible - Remaster, Reissue, Repackage

Having ended up unexpectedly in Brixton overnight, I managed to pick up the new super-deluxe edition of the Manics' The Holy Bible. I think it's a sign of how highly regarded the album is that it's given this rerelease. Or a sign of how they've been crap for the subsequent ten years.

It's still the disorientatingly dense album that ever it was, beloved of teenage neurotics, and now ex-teenage neurotics. Pass me the mascara and combat fatigues, mother, I'm going out to watch a documentary on the holocaust!

I'll no doubt update you by randomly quoting my favourite parts over the next few days. It's currently blaring out of my tinny pc speakers in the office. Heaven help any student who comes in the office - their complicity in the evil of modernity angers me. That's if heaven isn't a fictional construct that provides false solace and props up the morally bankrupt edifice of democracy. (Whee! This is fun!)

Also, I slept last night with a rabbit staring fixedly at me. It doesn't encourage sleep, I can tell you that much.

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