Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Punishment, part II

Damn! You know what I forgot in my inexhaustible round-up of awful music-related puns? I forgot those damn Libertines and associated stupid drug freak bands. OK. I can see that you're unimpressed, as well you might be. After all, you've been fooled by the media's love for all things Libertines. Then you listened to them, and were so unimpressed you were inclined never to believe anything anyone told you ever again. Yes, musically, they're uninventive. Lyrically, they're as poor as a sixth form and an equal number of typewriters. Facially, they look like pasty indie urchins who haven't experienced the joys of vitamin D for some time.


They are abusers of not just the heroin, but also the written word.

OK, here we go, but don't blame me if you never want to see the the English language again. The Libertine's debut single was called 'What a Waster'. The puns were kept under control after that, until Pete Doherty's drug and play-on-words habits got too much, and he left and formed an offshoot band called 'Babyshambles'. Whose first single was called 'Killamangiro'. Christ. Who know's what they'll do next. The one thing for certain though is that the media coverage will be entirely disproportionate to the listenability of the records.


  1. Can't Stand Me Now is a good song. It has three different choruses.

    The thing that bugs me about the media hype is the comparisons to Richey James. I don't give a fuck about all the other stuff, but Peter Doherty is NOT good-looking like Richey was - burble burble burble

  2. Their sound tries so hard to be don't-give-a-shit ramshackle that it's more like an eager-to-please teacher's pet who's been told to go and clean out the Clash cupboard at school.

    They do have some 7/10 songs though. But so did Dodgy. I'm not sure what this line of argument proves, but I suspect it makes me right.