Thursday, December 09, 2004

Deadpan Conversations With Shop Sales Staff, Vol. 3

Scene: Corner shop. Your hero is buying a can of Cherry Coke and a bag of Ryvita Minis Mature Cheddar and Onion flavour (they say: 'The Snack with the Mighty Taste!" I say:'They're Disgustelicious') to aid his hangover.

Teenage Girl In Front of Me in Queue: Twenty B&H, please.
Woman Behind Counter: Oh, you and your cigarettes!
TGIFMQ: I know...
Me: Hi.
WBC: Is this your breakfast?
Me: Yes. Healthy, eh?
WBC: No.
Me: Thanks.

Did I mention I've got a hangover? What idiot decided to have the Christmas piss-up on a Wednesday night? Oh, me. Idiot.


  1. Surely that should be TGIFOMITQ




  2. Yes, that's a point.

    She was actually two in front of me, so I suppose it should be Teenage Girl Two In Front of Me in Queue, or TGTIFOMIQSTUPIDPEDANT.