Thursday, December 16, 2004

My Dilemma Solved

Catherine, retracing our Tuesday night steps in order to gawp at houses, has solved the Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators in the Mystery of the Purpley Blue Paint Shoes. It seems there was some spilt paint on the pavement the same colour as that on my shoes. Isn't real life dull?

I've not posted the picture of my shoes a) because there was some phone/computer interface problems and b) I think that there's perhaps no purer image of navel-gazing solipsism than posting a picture of your shoes on the internet.

In other news: I saw and advert on the back of a bus that was racing away from me. It was Barnet Council's worthy give up smoking campaign. The headline is:

Bash Ash With Fash
accompanied by a picture of ex-Crazy Gang big man up front John Fashanu, who is featured smiling and not smoking. The message being hammered home is clearly that if John Fashanu can give up smoking for the one-sixtieth of a second that it took to take the picture so can you. I think Barnet is engaged in some sinister campaign to reduce the public image of John Fashanu.


  1. What does solipsism mean?

    The only impressive word I have in my vocabularly is bifurcated. I use it often.

    (Is solipsism is related to the word 'solo'?)

  2. Far be it from me to direct you to the dictionary, but, er, I just have. I've obviously stretched and abused the word above, but in general usage it is taken to mean an extreme form of self-centredness.

    On a similar subject, if you want to have a feeling of smug superiority arrive in your inbox every day, go to Word of the Day, and you'll be emailed a word that you probably already know, each and every day.

    Less obvious, but on the other hand, entirely useless words can be emailed to you in similar fashion from Worthless Word of the Day. Marvellous.

  3. Cheers MR Tash, that was most propitous of you and very edifying.