Monday, December 13, 2004

Robbie Williams

So, you're disappointed that George Bush won the US election, and thinking of becoming an anti-American? Well, hold up. Something Awful has a powerful counter-argument:

Robbie Williams - Greatest Hits
The world may see America as a nation of overweight rednecks, as a dangerous and power-hungry empire, or as a bunch of insane Christian zealots. Sure, all of that might be true to some extent, but at least we never allowed Robbie Williams to make it big over here. And for that, if nothing else, we can be proud to call ourselves Americans.
Convincing, isn't it?
This is also good:
After a prolonged legal battle over who has the right to exhume Kurt Cobain’s corpse and make it dance for money, we have finally been blessed with a box set of rarities which documents Nirvana’s peerless history of shitty outtakes.

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