Thursday, December 16, 2004

Harry the Fairy Prince

In my last post I was perplexed. Now I'm superperplexed. This has just been posted as a comment. Who is Harry the Fairy Prince? Google tells me that no documents match my search.

Like all royals, he's prone to be somewhat deviant, so I wouldn't put homosexuality beyond him, but haven't I noticed him and some blonde in the papers recently? Unless this is a bluff to cover THE TRUTH.

Perhaps he's starring in panto.

More pertinent perhaps is what does Frpgs mean? Fantasy Role Playing Games? A typo for 'frogs'? Or, and I suspect I've got it right here 'Finds Royals Particularly Gay Sexy', and, like all good psychologists tell us, those who indulge in homophobic insults are probably masking their own insecurities over sexual orientation. But that's always sounded to me like a highly intellectualised way of the psychologists calling the first person a poof. Which I think makes us all gay. Discuss.

Update: Er, the reason the question's probably being asked is because the word HOMOPHOBIC appears on this site, several times, and in capital letters to boot. I asked for that, really, didn't I? It could be my grandparents posting, couldn't it? Hello!

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